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Complete and Compliant in Dutch International Tax advice for US Citizens

Are you a US Citizen residing in the Netherlands? Langendorff Tax Consultancy offers expert tax advice for US citizens. Quick, compliant and accurate. Langendorff Dutch international tax advice draws from in-depth knowledge of applicable tax laws, regulations and treaties. We are here to provide you with the most favourable and compliant tax solution for your specific needs.

US Citizens

Clarity, compliance and minimized taxation liabilities for US Citizens

Did you know?... As a US citizen you remain liable for taxes in the U.S. even if you live, work and pay taxes elsewhere. To remain compliant with both US and Dutch tax laws and avoid double taxation at the same time requires in-depth knowledge and experience. After all, the challenges not only lie in the innate complexity of both tax systems, they also have their own specific approach to income, exclusions, reductions and credits. Langendorff Tax Consultancy provides clarity and compliance and makes sure your tax liabilities are minimized.


One-stop-tax-return-shop for US citizens: Langendorff Tax Consultancy and its partner, the knowledgeable CPA’s at Jaffa Simmons PLLC in Mesa, Arizona, together provide a one-stop shop for US citizens. We jointly evaluate all aspects of your tax situation and compliance of your tax returns – in both countries if so desired. Our tax related services for US Citizens working in the Netherlands include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of Dutch Income tax returns, including:
    • 30% ruling-returns
    • non-resident forms (c-forms)
    • migration returns
    • double taxation prevention
  • US tax returns via our partners at Jaffa Simmons PLLC, CPA
  • One-stop shop filing services
  • Application of and advice on tax treaties worldwide
  • Access to a selection of trusted expert advisors within the US, the Netherlands and the rest of the world via our worldwide network IPG

Compliance – Transparency - Fiscal ease - Discretion

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