Langendorff Tax Consultancy

Bespoke Dutch - International Tax advice for all businesses

Langendorff Tax Consultancy provides quick, compliant and accurate Dutch - international tax advice for businesses, regardless of size or industry. Count on us to always go the extra mile to provide you with the most favourable and compliant tax solution for your company's specific needs.

All-round and tailored tax advice for businesses

Langendorff Tax Consultancy provides tailored national and international tax services. Both Dutch and non-Dutch companies can count on our work to be solid, complete, discreet, with a clear exit strategy and based on up-to-date knowledge of today’s complex tax rules, regulations and treaties. Backed-up by our worldwide network of experts we can solve almost any tax-related question you and your company may have. Compliance is paramount in our work. It’s how we guard you from unnecessary financial risks, unexpected tax bills, (tax) fines and possible reputational damages without losing out of sight as to why you hired us in the first place: to ensure you will only pay the tax you’re lawfully required to… and nothing more.

Langendorff Tax Consultancy services include:

  • Corporate income tax returns, for both Dutch and foreign companies and branches
  • Fiscal unity tax returns
  • Advice and returns for holding, royalty and financing companies
  • VAT (cross-border) advice and returns
International Tax for businesses
  • Tax treaties (MLI) advice
  • Permanent establishment/branches
  • Advice on innovative endeavours in the Netherlands, innovation rulings/patent box
  • Cross-border personnel transfer/expat pay rolling etc, cross border employment contracts

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